About Western Heritage Australia

"Western Heritage Australia" is an organisation whose members share a vision - "we uphold the ancient values of the Western world: Honour, Chivalry, Service & Nobility. We know that the sovereignty of the individual, proudly stated & defended, is the nemesis of all tyranny, the sanctity of conscience our final court of appeal and the sacredness of human life our final protection. We are the only organisation in existence which makes the SURVIVAL of Western civilisation its primary stated aim"."Join Us Now" Join us now

Our group was founded in February 1994 when seven people took part in a weekend conference at a cottage in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales. They became the founding members of what was then called "The Fellowship of the Round Table", otherwise known as "F.O.R.T"a splendid acronym conjuring up visions of an impregnable Medieval castle. But that was a problem. It portrayed us as Medievalists pursuing the legend of King Arthur and his knights. Not quite what we intended as we are very much into unravelling and confronting the challenges of the twenty first century

So in 2012 we adopted our new name - "Western Heritage Australia", so that we may be understood in the contemporary world. Australia shares the Western heritage in its history and origins but the challenges now facing that heritage and its traditions of freedom, tolerance and human dignity are international and experienced in every Western community and in every non Western community which has drawn inspiration and example from the West.

One of our roles has been to raise consciousness and public awareness on issues of importance to thinking people and with this in mind we have convened a series of meetings known as the "Round Table Forums" at NSW Parliament House starting in March 2006. We have hosted 31 of these to date (May 2015) each one examining a contentious topic and featuring a panel of distinguished speakers

But the key question as of now is: "Does the 'Fortian' message have currency and 'pull' in the wider world?" "Does it have a role to play in waking up the sleeping giant of Western consciousness?"

In an early document, our "Fellowship Charter," stated that we were, "Knights Of The Third Millennium", dedicated to the regeneration of the Western soul". This has a fine old Arthurian ring to it.

We went on to state that our modern society was suffering self hatred, confusion of values and the decay of moral will power, that its religion was an amalgam of greed, envy, self indulgence, guilt and despair. We proposed an antidote in the "three pillars" governing society and self.

1. The Sovereignty of the private individual.

2. The sanctity of conscience.

3. The sacredness of human life.

We also said that our personal rights are basic and not derived from government decree or community consent, they are part of the condition of being human. The state is a provisional entity set up to serve our convenience - but it is our servant. Finally the 'punch' line; "we serve truth, not consensus".

In another early policy sheet we said: "We are part of a world community whose boundaries are not defined by race, politics or geography; it is the Western world and it is united by an idea alone; - the dignity, value and liberty of the individual". This world has a soul, it exists wherever personal liberty is valued together with social responsibility, it exists across the globe and backwards in time to its origins when individuality was first cherished amongst the ancients; it is the true nemesis of totalitarianism and that tyranny of mediocrity and stale conformity where those with hidden agendas enforce moral blackmail on us through the dead hand of political correctness (The complete item is "Share Our Dream""Share Our Dream")>

These few comments and quotations are a very bare introduction to the Fortian mission of "Western Heritage Australia" or "Western Heritage America, Canada etc.", so welcome aboard.

Western Civilisation and its heritage of 2500 years is in severe crisis. Both in its European Heartland and in its most powerful state, the USA. We are not respected as we once were and far more importantly, we do not respect ourselves, our history, our culture or the values we have always cherished. Call it "The Collective Death Wish Of The Western Soul" Can we live again as we once did and vanquish the enemy within? And finally, are you with us in this third millennium quest for the holy grail?

Our Motto: We serve Truth, not consensus.