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Western Heritage Social Statement

Social Policy statement

  • To re- affirm the western cultural tradition within the Australian community, while always respecting other cultures.
  • To support the basic institutions inherent within this tradition including the dignity, value and liberty of the individual.
  • To recognise the traditional family unit as the primary component of a stable society.
  • To strengthen the family through the restoration of parental authority.
  • To restore childhood and put an end to the premature sexualization of the young.
  • To promote true free enterprise, the work ethic, and those attitudes, which will reduce our dependence on both the finance and the welfare, sectors.
  • To defend our language, restore our national pride and preserve our shared heritage
  • To promote Australian membership of a world wide political and economic union of western democratic nations and to affirm that Australia is and shall remain, part of the western world

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We are part of a world community whose boundaries are not defined by race,politics or geography. It is the western world and it is united by an idea alone: The dignity, value and liberity of the individual.

In this sense the western world has a soul; it exists wherever personal liberity is valued in conjuntion with social responsibility . It exists across the globe and backwards in time to its origins when individuality was first cheristed amongst the ancients. It is the true nemesis of totalitarizm and that tyranny of mediocrity and stale conformity where those with hidden agendas enforce moral blackmail on us through the dead hand of political correctness.

We broke our chains before and we will brake them again. We uphold the cultural unity of the western world across boundaries and backwards in time.

we seek union with kindred souls throughout the world wherever they may live and we will not be deprived of our link with those of the past. That is why the true cultural heritage of the whole western world must continue to be tought in schools; it is the just inheritance of every child.

We need to know that we in this Island continent are not alone , nor are we cast adrift in a foriegn sea ; we are part of a great community of people worldwide, they are our strength. Also our history is our link with those who have forged the liberties we now enjoy.We will not continue to enjoy them unless we plant our feet firmly on an awareness of our proud heritage extending back over two thousand years and on the cultural and spiritual validity of the western dream - individual freedom within a just and humane society.

The demon of envy is forever of the bidding of those with hidden agendas; those who would steal our birthright and drown our souls in forgetfulness. We may wake up in a world where we have forgotten who we are. We will only know that we have sold our souls and our liberity for a mess of multicultural pollage.

Our links with kindred nations will cease in the name of consumer expediency, ultimatly we will be swollowed up by cultures more virile and cohesive than our own, since we have lost the will to reproduce our own people.

When the family is rationalized out of existance , sex roles are confused or revered and non procreative sex is evangelized we have the perfect formila which will bring 2500 years of western civilization to an end.

The nightmare need not happen, you are not a lemming, paralysed by blind instint and doomed to walk into oblivion. You have been handed the proudest inheritance in all history - the ancient Greeks, the Roman lawgivers, the nobles who signed "Magna Carta" , the first Elizabethans, the men of the enlightenment and the great Victorians who are your extended family.

RESOLVE 1.Our private liberties will be eroded no more. He who governs best governs least. Diminish the state.

RESOLVE 2.The traditional family , inculcating the respect of children towards adults is the basic building block of society.

RESOLVE 3.That our schools will teach social responsibility through self and others and also the greatness of our cultural heritage.

RESOLVE 4.The quality of our lives will not be destroyed by consumerism, bureaucracy or conformity to any ideology whatsoever.

RESOLVE 5.Thus we will speak and live as we choose respecting only the equal liberty of others.

RESOLVE 6.You are on a voyage of discovery and all your ancesters are in a sense travlling with you - EARN THEIR RESPECT. We are the fellewship of the round table, Knights of the third millennium , Dedicated to The regeneration of the western soul.

Our Motto: We serve Truth, not consensus.